In accessibility surveys, the accessibility and the functionality of the premises are investigated in different ways from the point of view of people with mobility and functional disabilities. Karanttia’s subsidiary Avaava carries out accessibility surveys to serve developers and designers of both renovation and new construction projects.

The mapping method is based on building legislation and recommendations. The generally accepted ESKEH mapping method is used as a basis. A report is created as a result of the survey, which presents the detected problem areas and gives suggestions for fixes.


Accessibility course solutions are tailored to meet customers’ needs. Courses can be built around the accessibility challenges of the ongoing construction site, or the content of the course can be limited to only certain components of the accessibility area, such as a functioning seeing or hearing environment.

A course can be a one-hour remote lecture or a live event, where it is possible to test the AgeMan suit, movement and various glasses simulating visual impairments. The accessibility experts of Karanttia’s subsidiary Avaava are responsible for the courses.


Karanttia’s subsidiary Avaava’s experienced accessibility experts offer support for both small and large construction projects. The scope of accessibility consulting can be information support covering the entire planning and implementation phase or quickly implemented accessibility advice, for example mapping product options.

Avaava offers ready-made accessibility plans for building permits and planning assistance as the work progresses. The design service includes ready-made images for the customer’s use.