Avaava Oy, Karanttia’s subsidiary, offers products and services for construction professionals. Avaava provides comprehensive wayfinding and signage design services, which include everything from signage design to installation. Avaava has developed the Kohosign® sign system providing a clear and continually guided route for everyone moving in the building. The different sign types included in the Kohosign® product family supplement each other, making it easier to perceive and navigate the space in a variety of ways.
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Avaava Oy imports bathroom fittings and aids manufactured by Normbau (Germany). Designers in Finland are especially attracted to Cavere, an award-winning line of bathroom fittings and aids designed by C.F Möller Architects. The IF Design Award-winning Cavere is a comprehensive collection that includes all kinds of bathroom fittings and aids, for example, clothes hooks, soap dispenser, toilet paper holders, waste bin, and toilet brush, in order to give all toilet and bathroom premises of the property a uniform look.
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Since 2010, Avaava Oy has put extensive effort into the development of signage design and both physical and digital accessibility. Design and inclusiveness are important components of the Avaava solution, in which the expertise and visions of a multidisciplinary team of experts are combined. Avaava offers solutions promoting physical accessibility of the environment and access to services and communications. In the field of construction, Avaava is specialised in helping designers, builders and construction companies. In the field of communication, Avaava’s customers include private and public sector organisations committed to ensuring the accessibility of their services and communications.
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