Avaava Oy is a consultation and design agency that has put extensive effort into the development of signage design and both physical and digital accessibility since 2010. Design and inclusiveness are important components of the Avaava solution, in which the expertise and visions of a multidisciplinary team of experts are combined. Interdisciplinary co-operation with design, architecture, production, disabled and elderly people’s associations and authorities ensures benefitting from the most up-to-date, interesting, and versatile information. Avaava’s experts are trained accessibility surveyors and certified accessibility specialists. Avaava® is on the board of Design for All Europe EIDD, and is a member of the European Concept for Accessibility Network (EuCAN) as well as the European Network of Accessible Tourism (ENAT). For more information on Avaava: www.avaava.fi


In the field of construction, Avaava is specialised in helping all construction professionals – designers, builders and construction companies – with achieving an accessible environment.


Accessibility surveys

In accessibility surveys, the accessibility of sites and premises for people with different kinds of mobility and functionality impairments is determined. Avaava provides accessibility surveys for renovation projects as well as new buildings, for the benefit of the builders and the designers. Avaava’s survey method is based on construction regulations as well as recommendations. As a result of the survey, a report is compiled highlighting any identified problem areas and solution suggestions.

Accessibility consultation and design

Avaava’s accessibility design and consultation services can help with small and large construction projects. Accessibility consultation can be extensive, providing information support throughout the entire planning and implementation stage, or it can be accessibility advice that can be implemented quickly, for example, the survey of product options. Avaava provides complete accessibility plans for building permits and offers design help as the work progresses. The design service includes finished images for the customer’s use.

Accessibility training

Avaava’s accessibility training includes an extensive range of accessibility information. The course content is customised according to the customers’ needs. For example, the course can be built around the accessibility challenges of an on-going construction site, or the course content can be limited to only some areas of accessibility, e.g., a functional seeing or hearing environment. The lecturers of Avaava courses are the best experts in the various fields of accessibility.



In the field of communication and services, Avaava® is specialised in helping contracting entities, designers, contractors and operators obtain accessibility. Avaava helps organisations take into consideration the diversity of the users, their different needs and ways of receiving communication.


Accessibility testing and surveys

With website accessibility testing, Avaava can specify the accessibility of a website with regard to usability and technical specifications. During the testing, it is determined how well the website works for different users, for example, people with impaired vision. Avaava also engages in extensive accessibility surveys, determining the consideration and presence of accessibility and diversity in an organisation’s strategy, communication and customer service.

Training, consultation and design

Avaava provides consultation and training services to organisations, for developing accessible communication and services. Avaava provides consultation services on all levels of organisation and processes, from strategies to website coding. For example, Avaava drafts accessibility plans in accordance with the WCAG 2.1 criteria, and organises training events for the EU accessibility directive, the accessibility and user needs regarding digital communication and electronic transactions. Avaava’s experienced specialists are always included in the training events.


Avaava has more than ten years of experience and skill in signage design, applying the Design for All design principle. Avaava® has developed a signage and wayfinding system that adheres to accessibility principles, taking into consideration all people with different functional and mobility impairments, also with vision impairments and blindness. Avaava offers signage requirement overviews and signage design, as well as takes care of the entire signage production and its surveillance. Avaava® has its own signage system, the Kohosign®, which adheres to accessibility principles and includes signage for all senses in addition to the basic signage. For more information, visit the Avaava Signage page.

Avaava has provided signage design and implementation services to various office buildings, commercial premises, hospitals, doctor’s offices, teaching facilities, libraries, training centres, and churches.