Benefits of Karanttia prefabricated element and modular solutions

Prefabrication has been proven to enhance the productivity and time management of construction projects. Unexpected and unforeseen additional costs or site delays in construction are eliminated. Fully completed assemblies for construction sites are quick and bring substantial schedule savings. In prefabrication, industrial construction approaches are put to practice away from the construction site, which means that subassemblies for the building project can be made full-time in pace with the construction works progress, regardless of weather and season. For the duration of the design stage, Karanttia’s design team is at the customer’s disposal. The design team consists of an architect, HVAC and electrical designers, and a structural designer.

Karanttia prefabricated civil defence shelters: the quickest way for building a civil defence shelter complying with regulations and standards. Turnkey installation, 2-4 workdays per shelter.
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Karanttia modular bathrooms are delivered to the site fully completed, with all the furniture and fittings. The installation takes 15-20 minutes. Our design and production process allows customized solutions and modification flexibility.
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  • Construction is predictable and free of unexpected and unforeseen additional costs or delays.
  • The production process is flexible to meet the customer’s needs.
  • Design and production paces are combined into a functional entirety.
  • The use of prefabricated complete solutions accelerates the work site process.
  • Smart solutions can be added to prefabricated modules already at the factory.
  • Recyclable and safe materials are used in the production.
  • There is little construction waste.
  • Many issues have been resolved in advance with respect to design and throughout the construction supply chain.
  • Unexpected costs are avoided, since the exact price is known.
  • Adaptability of the elements responds to the changing needs of the users, for example, of the ageing population.
  • If the site is designed from the very beginning with prefabrication in mind, the schedule and productivity benefits granted by prefabricated solutions are ensured.