Karanttia® civil defence shelters constitute the quickest way for building a S1 category civil defence shelter complying with regulations and standards.

The area, height, and shape of the civil defence shelter are fully adaptable to the site’s designs. Installation of a Karanttia® civil defence shelter at the work site takes 2-4 workdays and the delivery time is about six weeks from order.

Delivery contents:

  • Structural plan of the civil defence centre for building supervision
  • Civil defence shelter site plan
  • Wall and ceiling elements
  • Emergency exit
  • Civil defence shelter doors, hatches, HVAC penetrations
  • Emergency ventilation equipment, ducts, air intake pipes
  • Emergency equipment for civil defence shelter
  • Tightness test for civil defence shelter inspector

Karanttia prefabricated civil defence shelters are manufactured by Rakennusbetoni- ja Elementti Oy in Hollola.


Karanttia® civil defence shelters are installed in keeping with the turnkey basis. The installation itself takes 2-4 workdays. The overall responsibility for Karanttia deliveries lies with a single operator from start to finish.
Prefabricated element civil defence shelters significantly speed up the work site process and facilitate building project cost management. The costs related to a prefabricated element civil defence shelter are precisely known in advance and there will be no surprises during the work site stage. Karanttia® civil defence shelters are manufactured by Rakennusbetoni- ja Elementti Oy.

All of the products and solutions delivered comply with official requirements at the national and local level.

Equipment and accessories included in the complete delivery:

  • Ventilation equipment IVL-1
  • Airlock tent ST-1
  • Reserve water tank VS-3
  • Dry toilet cubicle KH-3
  • Dry toilet furniture KK-3
  • Waste bins JS-3
  • Protection materials

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A CIVIL DEFENCE SHELTER is a separate room or separate structure provided inside or in connection with a building in order to protect the people at locations where they normally move, work, and live. The purpose of civil defence is to protect the civilian population and non-military persons during wars, armed conflicts and battles. The construction of civil defence shelters is included under civil defence. The Ministry of the Interior manages and co-ordinates national arrangements of civil defence. The construction and upkeep of civil defence shelters is regulated by the Rescue Act. Karanttia has over 30 years of experience in the construction of prefabricated civil defence shelters complying with official regulations. Our unique expertise ensures the most comprehensive and reliable information for architects and other construction professionals. Our experts are at your service in all matters related to civil defence shelter design and construction.