Karanttia’s subsidiary Avaava serves its customers comprehensively in a wide range of wayfinding projects. The wayfinding method developed by Avaava takes into account people with different functional and mobility restrictions, including visually impaired and blind people. From the start, you can order the design of an individual map or even a wayfinding design of a large central hospital area, anything from designing the logic of the wayfinding concept to installation.


Avaava has its own Kohosign® signage system that complies with accessibility principles, which includes, in addition to basic signage, signs for all senses, such as raised maps, signs with Braille and sound beacons.

Avaava has more than 50 guidance planning projects behind it, from individual relief maps to the planning and implementation of entire hospital campus areas.


New Kainuu Hospital

Kalasatama Health and Wellbeing Centre

Pori Central Hospital

Aalto University, Maarintie 8

Seinäjoki Central Hospital

Mikkeli Wellbeing Centre

Kallio Family Centre

Hvittorp Conference and Course Centre

Onerva Centre for Learning & Consulting

Eskoo Support and competence center

Sodexo Pitäjänmäki

Metropolia Myllypuro campus