In addition to products, Karanttia offers extensive design expertise and the related services.

Utilisation of prefabricated bathroom modules in buildings requires co-operation between specialised designers and operators. Civil defence expertise is also crucial already at the very first stage of design. In addition, Karanttia offers special design expertise related to accessibility.


When designing prefabricated element and modular structures, the specifics of prefabrication must be considered from the very start to ensure the schedule and productivity benefits granted by the complete solutions. For the duration of the design stage, Karanttia’s design team is at the customers’ disposal. The team consists of an architect, HVAC and electrical designers, and a structural designer.


Avaava Oy, a subsidiary of Karanttia operating in the same premises, is specialized in accessibility services and the related products. In construction in particular, accessibility and signage design must be treated increasingly more often as a natural part of overall design. Considering this, Avaava offers a multidisciplinary team of experts combining know-how in the domains of architecture, design, production, disabled and elderly people’s associations, and official information. This way, Karanttia can offer the most up-to-date, interesting, and versatile information for construction purposes in the field. Avaava’s experts are international-level accessibility surveyors and certified accessibility specialists.

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Karanttia’s experts produce architectural diagrams, HVAC and structural images in the format required by the customer for project-related use. For example, design images concerning modular bathrooms and typical bathroom solutions can be compiled into a single dataset that contains DWG images, 3D models, design instructions, installation instructions, and a brochure.

From this page, you can download ready-to-use finished design drawings for accessible toilet and bathroom facilities of various sizes, fitted with Cavere products and aids. The images are available in the .dwg and .pdf format. In addition to different aids, all toilet and bathroom facilities must be fitted with an alarm system. A horizontal pull tab at a height of 800mm on the inside of the toilet facility is required for a swing door. (Sliding doors featured on the images.)

Dwg files of individual Cavere aids can be found on the Cavere page.

Large accessible public toilet

Two-way accessible toilet



download presentation images

Bathroom in accessible hotel room




download presentation images