Avaava Oy, a subsidiary of Karanttia operating in the same premises, has developed its own toilet and bathroom products collection based on accessible solutions. In addition, Avaava imports bathroom fittings and aids manufactured by Normbau (Germany). The range also includes the Cavere line of bathroom fittings valued and liked by Finnish designers.


Cavere is an award-winning line of bathroom products designed by C.F. Möller Architects from Germany. It is very popular among the designers in Finland, and for a good reason. The Cavere collection includes all kinds of bathroom accessories, such as clothes hooks, shower handrails, soap dispensers, hair dryer holders, and waste bins. The collection also includes all accessible toilet aids.


Together with the Finnish company Durat Oy, Avaava Oy, Karanttia’s subsidiary, has developed a range of accessible washbasins for toilet and bathroom facilities. The washbasin tops are made of the ecological, polyester-based material Durat. Recycled plastic is used in the washbasin manufacturing process and all the washbasin tops are further recyclable. In addition to standard washbasin models, customised washbasins can be made according to the customer’s wishes.