A range of bathroom products is available through us, including Normbau bathroom fittings and aids, as well as the Cavere bathroom collection and Avaava washbasins made of the material Durat. We also use these products in all of our Karanttia® modular bathrooms.

Our design team can help you with various building projects. A team of construction design specialists is at our customers’ disposal, including an architect, HVAC and electrical designers, and a structural designer. The objective of construction design is to ensure the success of the overall design and integration of prefabricated parts into the larger whole.

In civil defence shelter audits, its equipment is inventoried, and the condition of the devices is checked as required by their manufacturers. Audits include a written report on the condition of the shelter. A site-specific price estimate is given for repair needs, as well as a site-specific offer for civil defence shelter equipment updates.