• Structural plan of the civil defence centre for building supervision
  • Civil defence shelter site plan
  • Wall and ceiling elements
  • Emergency exit
  • Civil defence shelter doors, hatches, HVAC penetrations
  • Emergency ventilation equipment, ducts, air intake pipes
  • Emergency equipment for civil defence shelter
  • Tightness test for civil defence shelter inspector

Ventilation equipment IVL-1

Ventilation equipment IVL-1 is intended for category S1 civil defence shelters.
Karanttia delivers the equipment complete with accessories and emergency distribution ducts to the work site pre-installed, and the shelter tightness test is carried out at that stage. A report of the test is provided for the site.

Dimensioning: 1 unit per each actual 45m2 protection area

Certificate: EUFI29-19001930-C

Delivery contents:

  • YV-1 Pressure relief valve
  • TV-3 Supply air valve
  • YM-3 Overpressure gauge

Reserve water tank VS-3

The Fluid-Bag reserve water tanks are manufactured in Pietarsaari. The 1,000L tank is lightweight when empty and fits into a small space. The tank is completely sealed and airtight, keeping the water clean. The tank can be washed.

The tank is delivered complete in a single durable cardboard box with all the accessories: inner bag, outer bag, water hose for filling and dispensing, manual filling funnel, stand, and clear instructions for assembly and use.

Space required: When filled with water, diameter 1,160mm, height 1,280mm; when stored empty in the box 1,200x300x400mm, weight 21kg.

Dimensioning: 15L/40L per m2 of actual protection area

Certificate: VTT-C-1908-07

Airlock tent ST-1

The airlock tent is intended for category S1 civil defence shelters.

In case of an emergency, the airlock tent is installed in front of the access door of the civil defence shelter to keep outdoor air containing hazardous substances out of the shelter.


  • 1,650×2,150mm (SO-door 900×2,000mm)
  • 1,900×2,150mm (SO-door 1200×2,000mm)
  • Depth 560mm. Rectangular floor area. Normally, the airlock tent is to be stored in its packaging unopened.

Certificate: VTT C365/05

Dry toilet cubicle KH-3

The dry toilet cubicle KH-3 is delivered as a single unit or in groups of two units.

Normally, the dry toilet cubicle is to be stored in its packaging unopened.

Certificate: VTT-C-9045-12

Dry toilet furniture KK-3

The volume of the plastic dry toilet bowl is 38L. The bowls are stored nested.

Delivery contents:

  • Toilet bowl
  • Metal mounting hinge with attached cover and seat
  • 16 pcs. plastic bags and tie cords
  • Instructions for assembly and use

Dimensioning: 1 unit per each actual 20m2 protection area

Certificate: VTT C229/03

Waste bin JS-3

The volume of the plastic waste bin is 100L. The bin has a lid and carrying handles. An empty bin weighs 4kg. Nested storage.

Height 700mm, diameter 48mm.

Dimensioning: 15L per m2 of actual protection area

Certificate: EUFI29-19002717-C

Protection materials

Protection materials are delivered packed in a single box functioning as the storage box for the materials.

The contents and quantity of protection materials vary depending on the number of building or civil defence shelter inhabitants.